1997 Update Documents

The 1997 SLX Pro 785 was the first year of production for this craft, so like other first model year products, there were a few issues. There is great news though; most of the problems are easily corrected with minimal effort.

Listed below are the items of major concern in the 1997 models that should be corrected:

  • Improper water routing could cause water to drain from the pipes back into the engine in trailering/loading situations
  • Inadequate floatation and structural enforcement caused premature and excessive cracking in the footwells and rear section of the hull
  • Updating to carburetors from a 1998 or newer model with ease tuning and improve performance. The fix here is to simply update, there is no supporting document.
  • Updating the CDI to a unit from a 1998 or newer model will improve exhaust valve timing providing better performance and acceleration. Note that if you have gas pressure exhaust valves that this is of less concern. The fix here is again to simply update, there is not a supporting document.

1997 Water Routing

1997 structural reinforcement