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Pro 785.com is the first website built dedicated to the Polaris Pro 785 racing PWC, Personal Watercraft in general and the marine lifestyle! Here you will find everything you need to know about the Pro785 as well as a growing base of information on many other PWC's. We have technical specs on all model years of the Pro 785 and tons of performance documents and other technical info to help you with your ski.

We now have parts available through a partnership with Ebay for Polaris and all other brands of PWC's available in our parts section! You can also visit our Pro 785 parts page to browse available parts as well.

What is the Polaris Pro 785?

In 1997 Polaris Industries shocked the personal watercraft industry by releasing the first ever race ready, tripple piped PWC. Weighing in at just 480 pounds, and delivering 135 to 140 peak horsepower, this ultralight race ski was the first of its kind ever to become available to the everyday public. The Pro 785's power to weight ratio of .28 was and still is one of the best numbers you can get in a stock PWC.

The Pro 785 went on to win numerous national and world titles before its production ended in 2001. Although Polaris no longer makes personal watercraft, the love for this cracked out race boat and other Polaris PWC's still lives on. Although not as frequent as it once was, you will still see Pro 785's ripping up the bouy course today.

What can I find here at Pro 785.com?

With the help of other Pro 785 enthusiasts we have compiled every bit of Pro 785 info we know of into one, convenient, easy to use website. Read below for a short guide to what you will find at Pro 785.com

Pro 785 Models: Here you will find a guide to the different models that were released over the years. There are full specs for each ski and noted differences between the years. Consult this page before buying a pro 785 to get all the info you need!

Pro 785 FAQ's: After so long, the same questions seem to come up about this boat time after time. Save yourself the hassle of asking around and get all your questions answered right here!

Performance docs: Anything from carb specs to Hot Seat pipe installation instructions. Go here to find out all the tips and tricks for your ski.

Rebuild guide: Did you find a non working pro 785 for cheap? Visit this page for tons of valuable information on your tear down and re-assembly.