Model years

The Pro 785 was availble in limited production, from 1997 to 2001. The boat recieved updates in 1998 and 1999. The 2000 and 2001 models are all carry overs from the 1999 model year.


1997 SLX Pro 785
1998 SLX Pro 785
1999/2000/2001 Pro 785

So what are the main differences?

The things different between the model years are not so much issues of quanity, meaning the number of changes, but quality. You wont find that many differences between a 97 and a 99, but the ones you find are important.


  • 1st year for production, had some loose ends
  • Lightest most nimble hull of all years
  • Weakest top deck of all years, prone to cracking in footwells
  • Most came with a five vane aluminum stator
  • Some may be leaky because of incorrect hull/top deck epoxy
  • Water routing could cause potential problems by allowing water to drain back into the engine on steep ramps and hills
  • White top deck, red hull, red and black seat


  • Improved Carburetor design
  • Changed water routing for pipes, eliminated problems from 97 design
  • Six vane stainless steel stator replaced five vane aluminum
  • White top deck, red hull, red and black seat, minor graphical changes from 97 model
  • Marble hydroturf padding
  • Added more flotation foam
  • Hull strength increased and cracking problem from 97 model year eliminated


  • Improved CDI
  • Red hull and top deck, black seat