Pro 785 Parts

Downloadable parts manuals in PDF format:

1998 SLX Pro 785
1999 Pro 785
2000 Pro 785

Parts manuals for the 1997 SLX pro 785 and the 2001 Pro 785 are not currently available. For the 1997 you may use the 1998 parts manual, and for the 2001 you may use the 1999, or 2000 manual. All years of production are fairly similar. You can find model year differences here.

Where do I find parts for my Pro 785?

Although Polaris no longer manufactures personal watercraft, they do have a commitment to make parts available for up to ten years after the last model year. Therefore parts from Polaris are and still will be available for some time. Some decals and body/hull parts are no longer available, but most everything else you might need can be purchased from Polaris. Simply place an order through your local Polaris dealer, buy them right here at or try one of the other websites we have listed below:

Right Here at! We have partnered with the worlds leading auction site EBAY to bring you the best in parts for your Pro 785 or any other personal watercraft you may have. Click here to go to our parts listings.

The World of Powersports, this is a Polaris dealer out of Illinois, they have an easy to use online ordering system, and great service.

Watcon, This is a performance shop out of Washington. Not only can you contact them for genuine Polaris Parts, but you will find a wealth of other products and hop ups for your 785. Watcon is hands down one of the best places to ask question regarding your ski and get the parts you need. If you notice Watcon stickers plastered all over a lot of the 785's you see, well, there is a reason!

Green Hulk Performance Forums, excellent website with a good classifieds section. Check here for good used parts.