Frequently Asked Questions

The pro 785 is a unique and intersting watercraft, so with that comes a lot of questions! Many prospective owners are full of questions before they buy, so here is list of some common questions people ask about the Pro 785:

Is the Pro 785 a good recreational ski?

Well, that all depends on the owner! The 785 has a very aggressive Deep V hull, which means its sticks to the water very well, and holds the line in sharp turns. What this also means is no donuts, spin outs or sliding around like you may be accustomed to with other PWC's. But the pro 785 has its own kind of fun, in other words you dont need to do donuts. The acceleration on the Pro is "arm wrenching" to say the least, and the punch in the mid range is extremely strong. With that said, if you love speed, then yes this is the perfect recreational ski for you.

The Pro 785 also provides a very wet ride, so its perfect for a 95 degree day in the summer. Take it out and carve some high speed turns to get cooled off real quick. In addition the Pro 785 is an amazing wave jumper due to its light weight. Take a 3 footer and come down to a huge dose of bow'll love it.

So, just remember, the ski is extremely fun and very fast, but it is not for the faint hearted. If you just want a nice easy ski to relax on, then this is not for you. You also probably should'nt buy one if your looking to ride with a passenger. The ride sometimes can get punishing, and with the acceleration, you might run out of energy faster than normal. If your up for the challenge and want a PWC that challenges you, then by all means, its the perfect recreational ski.

Is the Pro 785 a maintenance headache?

The pro 785 was designed as a raceboat, and because of that it has some extra performance features that require your periodic attention. The engine itself is very strong, but it is also high strung, so things can go bad quickly if there is a problem. With that said, you shouldn't face abnormally high amounts of problems with the Pro 785, there are just some things you should keep an eye on to help keep your toy in good running order, and to help prevent future failure. With that said, it would be to your advantage to have some degree of mechanical knowledge if you decide to buy one of these skis. Many times issues are very small and quick to be fixed, but if your totally cluless, you'll be out of luck.For a full write up on the maintenance of your Pro 785, click here.

What is this crazy exhaust system I hear about?

Your Pro 785 is equipped with triple tuned exhaust pipes. Thats right, it has three of them, one for each cylinder. Polaris worked with Factory Pipe out of California to create the pipes. The pipes were made by Factory Pipe and feature their lifetime warranty, so if you have any problems with your Pro 785 pipes, contacting Factory Pipe is a good idea. Also making the 785 exhaust system even more powerful is the electronic controlled exhaust valves. The exhaust valves open and close according to engine RPM and provide for the most efficient use of engine power. If you check out the documents section of the site you will find lots of useful informatin on the exhaust system.

Can I still get parts for the Pro 785?

Yes, pretty much any part you need is still available though Polaris, and there are plenty of used parts on the market to get your ski moving. Check out our parts section for everything you need on getting parts for your 785.

What is the best model year for the Pro 785?

The answer here is going to vary with opinion. Though the 97 had its share of issues, many feel it is the most pure 785 hull because it is the lightest...When you are racing, weight is a real issue! On the other hand there were many improvements to the models that came after the 97. Infact many people who own newer Pro's, such as the 99's or 00's say that they handle much better than 97's. In the end you'll see that it is really all a matter of personal preferance and opinion. So, you will need to read up on the different model years and make that decision on your own! Bottom line they all are fast as hell and incredibly fun.

How much should I pay for a used Pro 785?

Brand new these boats commanded a hefty price tag, close to ten thousand dollars while in production. With Polaris no longer in the PWC market and peoples interests changing, the 785 just doesn't do as well on the used market as it once did. With that said, you should be able to find a good, working, Pro 785 for between $1800 and $3500 dollars. Some highly modified 785's set up for limited or super stock racing might go for $4000 to $5000 but they will be few and far between. It all really just depends on the condition and history of the ski. Don't be afraid to pay a little more for a ski in really good shape, and if your selling, don't be afraid to ask a little more for a ski in really good shape.