Boat and Personal Watercraft Insurance Guide

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Tips for Choosing and Insurer

Choosing the right insurance company can be a bit difficult if you aren't well informed. Luckily there are a few things you can look for that will make your decision nice and easy. Listed below are some tips and questions you should get answered that will help you choose the right boat or PWC insurance company.

  • Are there any exlusions that would make it so that your craft is not covered? Some examples of this include if you modify your boat or PWC, or in the case of a PWC if you are operating at night.
  • Does the insurer cover just you or a number of people that might also be operating or riding in the boat or pwc with you?
  • Will how you use the boat influence your policy at all? Examples here would be things like if you use your craft for racing or any other types of usage that may not be considered normal.
  • If something happens to your boat or PWC because of an old or worn out part are you covered?
  • Is trailer coverage included or is damage done to your boat or PWC while on the trailer covered?
  • Are claims paid out based on market value or does the policy cover an agreed upon value?
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